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WEBINAR: Talent Management: Workforce Selection and Performance Management

Presented by: Carolina Christiansen, Recruiting Manager, Lewis Fowler.
Original Release: August 2nd, 2017




WEBINAR: Enabling Success from the Start: 5 Steps to Launching Your PMO

Presented by: Kristi Kuetemeier, Delivery Manager, Lewis Fowler.
Original Release: May 23rd, 2017



Scaling for the Future: Enabling Agile Across the EnterpriseWEBINAR: Scaling for the Future: Enabling Agile Across the Enterprise

Presented by: Justin Rowe, Practice Director, Lewis Fowler and Jana Axline, President-Elect, PMI Mile Hi
Original Release: January 31st, 2017


The Lewis Fowler Team
The Lewis Fowler Team
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