Watch the recording of: Secrets from a Consultant Recruiter

Learn how to get noticed by recruiters, recording available now.


On June 16th Lewis Fowler Director of Recruiting Norm Barnett hosted a free webinar discussing how candidates can stand out to recruiters in today's job market. 

In this recording Norm discusses how to:

  • Stand out in any market - position yourself differently if you are in an employee or employer's market.
  • Develop your personal brand - understand who you are, and what you bring to the market.
  • Craft a compelling resumé - get noticed by optimizing your resumé for a recruiter's experience.

Who Should Watch: Any professional interested in maximizing their chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

Norm Barnett, Director of Recruiting

Meet the speaker:

Norm Barnett

Director of Recruiting

Norm brings 20 years of recruiting and recruiting management expertise to the table. Norm emphasizes developing talent acquisition and placement strategies designed with the client’s long term needs in mind. Norm is highly skilled in creating processes and procedures designed to identify, attract, and hire the right talent for the right opportunity. He knows what matters to recruiters, and puts it to practice everyday at Lewis Fowler.

"...with multiple years under my belt here at Lewis Fowler, I can reflect that my professional expectations continue to be met..."

- Scott Brunton, Principal Consultant at Lewis Fowler.

"...all Lewis Fowler staff that I have had contact with are simply great people to work with. They do what they promise!"

- Keith Howard-Browne, Senior Project Manager at Wells Fargo.